Sunday, 15 February 2009

Shaun at the window

Ryan reclining

Painting with light

I love to shoot in natural light, especially outdoors. Window light works great also. Natural light varies so much and so frequently - soft morning glow, sharp midday glare, hazy sunset, cloudly grey cast, twilight blue - so many varietions, hues, tones, color changes, moods, and settings! And when you add the human subject to these natural light varietions, you get a myriad variety of moods, emotions, and contrasts. I can't think of a more beautiful combination - natural light, the human subject, and a natural setting - for creative artistic photography! It's like painting with light!

angel kiss

Truth or myth?

As a creative artist photographer who paints with light, I often look to great painters, sculptors, and image makers from the past to inspire me and call me to excel as far as I can.

I love the challenge of making my photographic images look like paintings. That is why I love natural light more than artificial light. Natural light is luminous - ever changing, casting shadows, interacting with mist, air, moisture, texture, moving and still objects and people.

I have recently returned to myth-making - creating images of figures, personalities, and heroes who are human but seeking to be divine or super-human.

We are human creatures with a creative spirit that yearns for the sublime, the heavenly vision of what is eternal - love, hope, peace, and undying friedship.